Ulyanovsk region exported grain for $ 16 million (Google Translate)

In 2020, our agricultural producers received over 2.1 million tons of grain with an average yield of 33.8 centners per hectare, – says the acting director. Minister of Agroindustrial Complex and Development of Rural Areas Natalia Snezhinskaya. – Despite the risks associated with the unfavorable sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country and the world, as well as the non-tariff quota for grain exports from Russia in the amount of seven million tons introduced by the Russian government from April to the end of June, agricultural exports show significant growth in the region. Let me remind you that the export of agricultural products of the Ulyanovsk region in the first 11 months of 2019 amounted to $ 9 million.

According to the results of 11 months of this year, the export of products of the agro-industrial complex of the Ulyanovsk region amounted to $ 21.5 million, which is 2.4 times more than in the same period last year.

Among the main groups of goods exported from the Ulyanovsk region, cereals remain the largest, accounting for 74 percent of the total volume

export. According to the results of 11 months, grain exports amounted to 16 million US dollars, which is 2.3 times more than the same period last year.

The Ministry of Agroindustrial Complex and Rural Development of the Ulyanovsk Region is working towards the creation of a new commodity mass and deep processing of agroindustrial products. Ulyanovsk exporters – manufacturers of agricultural products take an active part in international exhibitions, business missions, training webinars. Enterprises of the food and processing industry in the region are actively negotiating with foreign partners, thanks to the organization of events with the participation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Agroexport, the Russian Export Center, the Export Support Center of the Ulyanovsk Region, the Ulyanovsk Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the representative office of the Ulyanovsk Region under the Government of the Russian Federation.

The company “Rybny Krai Dimitrovgrad” was among the finalists of the competition held by the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia. The company was presented with an analytical study to build up its export potential, as well as assistance in finding foreign partners to promote products to foreign markets.

Today, the Ulyanovsk region pays special attention to mutually beneficial cooperation with the business community of the People’s Republic of China. In July 2020, the first container train from China arrived in Ulyanovsk on the Zibo-Ulyanovsk-Zibo route. The main area of ​​joint work is the creation of a bilateral international trade channel – a logistics route for the delivery of Chinese goods under the Belt and Road project from China to Russia, Europe and back.

In addition, a number of grain traders in the region have successfully passed accreditation, received the right to export agricultural products from the Ulyanovsk region to the PRC. Trial batches of products were sent to Chinese partners.

In the region, within the framework of the national project “Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives”, work is actively underway to promote regional manufacturers and the “Made in Ulyanovsk Region” brand both within the country and abroad. Purchasing sessions with retail chains are held on a regular basis. With regional support, Ulyanovsk entrepreneurs participate in all-Russian and international exhibitions, and business missions are organized. For three years now the trade house “Made in the Ulyanovsk region” has been successfully operating, the task of which is to help manufacturers in promoting goods. The pandemic has affected the promotion of goods overseas. The consumer today gives preference to secure e-commerce. The formats of product promotion are also changing, new solutions come and with them new opportunities. Business missions, negotiations and exhibitions take place online, and new support measures appear, such as compensation for costs when entering the marketplace.

A source: https://agronovosti.ru/ul-yanovskaya-oblast-eksportirovala-zernovyh-na-16-millionov-dollarov/