Ministry of Agriculture: there will be no shortage of confectionery products in Russia (Google Translate)

MOSCOW, March 15/ Radio Sputnik. There will be no shortage of confectionery products on the Russian market, only replacements of individual items of the assortment are possible, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation reports.
Earlier, confectionery manufacturers demanded large federal and regional retail chains to increase selling prices for their products by 20-30% from March 15.
The notice states that the cost of domestic confectionery products should rise more than the price of similar products from foreign companies, Vedomosti reported.

Russian food and processing industries are operating “under conditions of significant cost increases,” the Ministry of Agriculture said.
This situation arose due to fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate, rising prices for packaging, raw materials, electricity, services of logistics companies and other components of the cost of production, the department added.

The dynamics of prices for tropical oils, cocoa products and sugar also affects the confectionery market, the ministry said.

The department recalled that the Russian government announced a temporary ban on the export of sugar from Russia to maintain the stability of the confectionery market. The Cabinet of Ministers also established a tariff exemption for the import of sugar and raw sugar in the amount of 300,000 tons. The measures will be in effect until August 31 of this year.
The Ministry of Agriculture plans to increase sugar beet crops to 1.1 million hectares in order to meet domestic demand and provide for the EAEU countries.
In addition, the department said that an intervention fund of white sugar in the amount of 250,000 tons will be formed to try to “maintain a stable price situation in the long term.”
Earlier, radio Sputnik told what the situation, according to the expert, is developing on the Russian pharmaceutical market after the imposition of sanctions. (Google Translate).

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