Nix-Line unveils new project NixDron

Nix-Line, under the NixDrone brand, creates software and ancillary equipment for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The developments expand the capabilities and potential of the UAVs already existing on the market. Aircraft improved in this way can be used in agriculture, to ensure the safety of territories at infrastructure and transport facilities.

DNEST is a system for autonomous use of UAVs for remote monitoring of territories and objects. DNEST protects the drone from extreme weather loads, provides battery power without human intervention. The flight is possible both in automatic and manned mode. The operator controls the flight from a remote control center. All video and photo data is sent to the cloud storage. It is noteworthy that the system allows in real time to receive a report on the state of the object, activity on its territory. The base station is installed once in a convenient location. For further use of the drone, only power supply and a dedicated Internet line are required. (Google Translate).