Export of products from Russia in 2020 exceeded imports for the first time (Google Translate)

Russia in 2020 became a net exporter of agricultural products and food: for the first time in modern history, the country exported more agricultural products than it imported.

“In 2013, our imports amounted to $ 43 billion, last year we imported agricultural products worth $ 29.8 billion. Accordingly, we have 2020 – this is the first year with a positive foreign trade balance, when our exports of agricultural products exceeded imports of agricultural products. This is the first time in a new history, “RIA Novosti quotes the words of the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia Oksana Lut. Earlier, the federal center “Agroexport” of the Ministry of Agriculture reported that Russian exports of agricultural products in 2020 became a record in modern history. The department explains the record by the fact that the domestic agro-industrial complex, despite the pandemic and unfavorable weather conditions, showed “high rates of development” in all key directions.

A source: https://russian.rt.com/business/news/841151-rossiya-apk-eksport