Vorobyov: the sowing campaign in the Moscow region needs to be carried out in a larger volume (Google Translate)

Governor of the Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov said that this year the sowing campaign in the region should be carried out on a larger scale than in the past.

This is reported by the TV channel “360”.

“Another important topic that should concern every head of the territories is agriculture. Why? Because it’s food security. In our economy, in the Moscow region, this seems to be a small share, but it is very noticeable and important. Especially for territories where agriculture obviously dominates,” the head of the region said.

He recalled that subsidies to farmers in the region have already been doubled.

Earlier, the Yuga.ru portal reported that the development of the regional agro-industrial complex was discussed in Adygea. (Google Translate).

A source: https://russian.rt.com/business/news/975761-podmoskove-gubernator-posevnaya